This Action Toolkit is designed for mayors and others who wish to work for Healthy Cities.  It offers guiding questions that can help structure the process, and suggests potential activities to reach health-promoting goals. This Toolkit also offers notes from the field or case studies to exemplify what this work can look like. Finally, it provides links to resources and tools to support action for health promotion.

Click on any of the circles for supports in implementing each aspect—Engage, Assess, Plan, Act, and Evaluate and Communicate & Celebrate.

How can I use this? You may find it helpful to:

  • Learn how to do the work
  • See examples from efforts in the Region
  • Train others
  • Just-in-time guidance for taking action

This Toolkit is free and open source. Our hopes are that you use it to support your important work and share it with others.

It is important to consider this toolkit as an accompanying tool to a Strategic Plan for Healthy Cities, Municipalities and Communities in the Region of the Americas. We strongly consider those leading these actions to read the strategic plan for the Region of the Americas, as well as that of their own countries, to ensure that actions fit within a strategic framework and are not isolated.

Getting Ready to Become a Healthy City

Once a political commitment has been made by municipal leadership, it is important to have a lead person or team dedicated to mobilizing the city or municipality toward becoming a Healthy City. It is imperative to have personnel that are assigned specifically to move this work forward. With a team in place, this toolkit outlines the elements to guide the work of becoming a Health City.