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Communicating accomplishments and lessons learned can help honor and strengthen the work and those doing it. Celebrating successes can help sustain efforts to become a healthier municipality, city, or community.

Key Questions to Consider

  • How will we communicate successes and lessons learned with the community, stakeholders and partners, and others doing this work?
  • How will we celebrate accomplishments and honor community champions?
  • How will we sustain those programs and policies that contributed to success?


Some Recommended Actions

  1. Engage the media in communicating success stories about efforts
  2. Share lessons learned in building healthier cities and communities with others (e.g., through a network or community of practice; attending meetings that offer opportunities to share experiences)
  3. Highlight accomplishments and recognize champions, partners, and community members who brought them about (e.g., through communication channels, at honoring ceremonies)
  4. Sustain those programs and policies that contributed to success.


Examples of Communication and Celebration

Evaluating and Celebrating Sustainable Transportation Efforts

Icon image of Argentina flagBUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA


Buenos Aires, the capital and largest city in Argentina, worked to make its urban center more inclusive and sustainable. The city was honored for its innovative urban planning and its advanced public transportation system. In 2014, Buenos Aires, was presented with the 9th annual Sustainable Transport Award for their improvements to urban mobility, reduction of CO2 emissions, and improvement of safety for pedestrians and cyclists.



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Resources to Help You Celebrate

Tools from the Community Tool Box


Resources from the World Health Organization/Pan American Health Organization